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DS Download stations


I recently discovered a Ds download station at my local game store. And I just so happened to have my DS. I was suprised to figure out you can recieve the signal 30 ft away from the store and the amount of content in which the service features. Including two full modes from tetris ds and an exclusive Metroid Prime hunters movie. I also got a chance to try games I didn't think of purchasing like True Swing Golf. Overall the service is pretty handy although many won't actually have DS's with them at the time. Check em' out. Bmo

New Member BMO!


Ladies and gents a good friend of mine, BMO has joined the staff, he will be doing some stuff here now so get used to it... keep it here for the best of the best... and exlcusive info... e3 is right around the way so keep it here.

Revolution FAQ


Revolution Report have a very extensive Revolution FAQ, with alot of good info and sources, good for anyone who is curious about the REV, or wants to find out all the small details, check it out.


Best Cover Finder Ever


Well if ya'll didn't know already my blog is going to be mainly Nintendo and Music Related, to get used to the occasional music related post.

Here my friends is, an AJAX based site that finds DVD or CD covers in a flash, just type in the artist or title of the album, and BAM! you have the image, usually nice large ones. Perfect for iTunes album art.

I've been using it for a while now, hasn't failed me too much, the only time you may have to look to another source is when your looking for older CD covers. This engine usually produces the most recent album art from that artist, so when trying to find earlier releases you may come up empty handed. That is when you just use Google images.=P enjoy.


Next-Generation has an great write up on the Revolution controller, and exactly how it should be used, and why the way alot of peoeple keep potraying it is wrong. I have to agree alot with this article, sure playing a lightsaber battle would be cool, but I don't want to play a whole game like that. Games like that would lead to a very gimmicky feel.

The article is 6 pages long, a great read, here is a quick take from the article on how controlls could work out.

"Over Christmas, while I fretted over various things I should have been doing instead of enjoying myself, I chanced to look over a photo album showing my companion and her sister as little girls. Several pictures in, I spotted a pair of snapshots of her sister, aged perhaps four or five, trying to play Super Mario Bros. And you know what she was doing with the controller. That's not a question; you know what she was doing. She was jiggling all over, wrenching the controller in the direction she wanted Mario to jump. The film speed wasn't fast enough to catch her. You know you've done this. If you don't do it now, it's by training. And golly, what a waste – that your energy didn't do any good, I mean. And that you've probably programmed it out of your system by now. Because, heck. There's no way a button could capture what you wanted to do. If only tilting the pad a little further could have made that jump for you. If only twisting it around at the right moment had let you dodge that projectile. If only...

Well, heck.

Try this on for size. Imagine pressing "up" on the D-pad makes your character walk upward. Now imagine if pressing "up" and tilting the controller forward makes your character run. Tilting the controller back and pressing "up" will make your character tiptoe. If your character is running, and you bank the controller left, your character will feign to the left, while still going as full-tilt as he can, forward. And you do this all without pressing more than a single button.

Example two. Let's say that big, honkin' A button makes your sweaty man-warrior lash out with his arm. Hit it, he punches. Hit it and flick the front of the controller up slightly, he does an uppercut. Hit the button and rock the controller to the left, he does a right hook. And so on. Getting the picture a little?"
As you can see, very simple, very intuitive, and simple. You don't have to wave your arms all around, its a simple flick of the wrist, no you wont get tired, you wont break a sweat, which seems to be one of the biggest (and dumbest) excuses for people that are too hard headed to admit that the controller definatly is something to look out for. Well I suggest you read the full article when you have the time. Next Generation is a great site and they have really good shit, check it out.

Full Article can be found at the below link.
Next Generation - Revolution Pressing the Right Buttons

DualFX controller for PS2 A Revolution knockoff


I laughed quite a bit when i saw this one, ladies and gentlemen I present to you "The DualFX" stright from CES 2006. Companies are already trying to rip off the Nintendo Revolution. Look at the comparison folks, this is rediculous, people at the show said that it doesn't work all that well, I geuss Nitty has all the best ways patiented =P.

Well just thought I'd bring the whole topic back to mind. I know I sound like a flaming fan boy right now, but that right there is too much of a knock-off. Down to the very idea of using it as a fishing rod, which the big N, used as an example in their press releases, and even in the teaser video. Well I geuss you live and you learn, if you want to see what the Rev controller will be like, you can pick up the DualFX for 60$ sometime soon , although people at the show say its not worth the 60$ because its inconsistant. Enough of my ranting.

I geuss I'm going to update more often, had me Piss-ed. The Revolution will not be televised.

Better? I'm Back

1 comments isn't satisfying me in terms of customisation, I want to change it up a bit, but its not what a really want, so I'mma bring it back here to the orginal place of origin. (too cheap to buy hosting, anyone have any free space willing to lend? eheh) .

A Real Life Revolution Pic? You be the judge


Posted up on DNRS in the comments section of one of his posts... ( here) by a dude named Nathan... you be the judge, it looks a bit fake on the lense flare right at the corner of the rev.

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